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Relational Key program and M.I.S


Multiple Groups of Companies, Multiple Management Companies and Owning Companies / Vessels Self Standing Accounting per Group and/or Company or Consolidated. Automatic Inter Company Entries Multiple Currency Accounts and Ledger Cards with Currency based monitoring or consolidated User oriendted Entries and Reports Journal, Invoice and Payment Entries Ready Articles Open Items Matching Auto and/or Manuals Automatic Reversal Entries and Un matching Automatic Fiscal Year Closing / Balancing Transfer


Journals per User, and/or Company, Consolidated Retroactive Journal Reports Posted Voucher Entries Retroactive Reports Ledger cards per Company and/or Currency, Consolidated Outstanding Invoices, Open and Closed Items Balance Aging Trial Balance A’ Class, B’ Class and Analytical (Ledger Cards) Account per Company and/or Currency, Consolidated Cheques Payable and Receivable Groups, Companies, Accounts, Journal Entries and Reports SH.A.R.K Enchanced Full Version Additional Features Invoice and Receivable and Payable Attendance Voyages Additional Reports Voyage Results Optional (Customized per Customer’s needs) Running Cost
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