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SH.A.R.K Crew File


Applications: By Rank, Date, Standby Mark, From and Date Online Embarkation Personal Data, Drug and Alcohol Test Contact Data Relatives: Allotters and Dependents Documents: Passport, Seaman Book, Visas and Licenses Certificates, Languange Command Experience on third Companies’ Vessels Owned Vessels’ Experience, Comments and Recommendations


Crew list Onboard by Vessels’ Name Crew list Onboard with Complex Criteria (Vessel, Rank, Nationality, Sign on Date, Joining Date, Joining Port, Estimated Sign Off Date, Surname, First Name) Composition of Crew Onboard grouped per Nationality Sign Off limit warning by Vessels’ Name, Rank, Nationality, Surname, First Name Ex Crew list by Vessels’ Name, Rank, Nationality, Surname, First Name Applicants’ full data card Standby Applicants Active Crew on All Vessels Blacklist
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